Editorial Services

Take your writing to the next level

Do you have a novel that needs editing? Maybe you have a completed first draft, and don’t know where to start on your revisions. Perhaps your novel is almost ready to submit to agents or publishers, or you’re considering self-publishing.

My specialisation is in crime fiction – I have read crime fiction since I borrowed my dad’s library books, and I’ve had two crime novels published by independent publishing houses.

I have worked with writers of other genres – most recently women’s fiction and a family saga as well as science fiction and horror. A novel is a novel is a novel, after all. My job is to work out what your manuscript is trying to become, and I always remember that it is your novel, not mine. Together we can then take it to the next level.

Choose from these three services

1. Novel Opening Report.

This report will cover the first three chapters (up to ten thousand words) and a short synopis. The report will discuss concept, genre, narrative, and characters. It will also consider the story’s flaws and possibilities for development – as far as is possible from a brief synopsis. The report will be thorough, and the manuscript will also be commented.

2. Editorial Report.

This may suit a writer who has finished a first draft of a novel and is ready to begin on the revision process. My report headings will include  Overview, Concept and Genre, Narrative (point of view and style), Characters, Dialogue, Suspense and Pace, and Structure.

I will assess strengths and weaknesses and suggest areas where you might improve the novel, and any specific questions you have about your novel will also be discussed, and there will be some commenting on the manuscript itself. 

The completed report will be around 2500 words.

3. Developmental Report

This will include a full Editorial Report and will also address any specific questions you have on your manuscript. My report headings will include Overview, Concept and Genre, Narrative (point of view and style), Characters, Dialogue, Suspense and Pace, and Structure.

This service also includes detailed comments throughout the entire manuscript – pointing out inconsistencies, suggesting improvements to sentence structure or use of language, and sometimes showing reactions to your story, letting you know if the narrative is working in the way you intended.

In the manuscript comments, there will be a focus on major plot points, and especially the beginning and the end of the novel. Comments are intended to add specificity to major issues covered in the report, and also may point to minor details. This service also allows for email discussion on the issues raised, for a period of three weeks after the report has been delivered. 

These services do not include copy editing or proofreading


Novel Opening Report : £175

First three chapters, up to ten thousand words, and a single page synopsis.

Editorial Report : starting at £450

Full length manuscript of up to eighty thousand words £450. Between eighty and a hundred thousand words, £550. Please ask if your manuscript is substantially longer.

Developmental Report : starting at £550

Full length manuscript of up to eighty thousand words £550. Between eighty and a hundred thousand words, £675. Please ask if your manuscript is substantially longer.


If you request an Editorial or Developmentsl Report on a full manuscript within six months of having purchased a Novel Opening Report, a discount of £100 will apply.

Do check with me first if your manuscript is substantially longer. Also, please don’t ask me to consider children’s or YA fiction as I simply don’t have enough experience to be of any help.


Please email me at ann@strawintogold.co.uk to discuss any of these services and discover if they may help you and to check my availability.

I can also be contacted via The Accomplice :Editorial Services Page over on Facebook

If we agree to go forward I will ask you to send me your manuscript as a Word document, double line spaced in Times New Roman.


I’ve had a deep and abiding obsession with fiction for as long as I can remember. I sent a short story to Malcolm Saville – who wrote the children’s Lone Pine Adventure series – back when I was eleven. He wrote back and encouraged me – not because I was a child prodigy (far from it!) but simply because he was a lovely man.

At school I was blessed with a wonderful and inspirational teacher for classics, Mrs Soper who nominated me for the School Literature Prize in my final year. When studying English Language and Literature at Liverpool University, I was two years running awarded the Bibby Undergraduate Scholarship.

For various reasons I took a long detour from academia, but in July 2009 I was awarded a Diploma in Literature and Creative Writing by the Open University – the same year I earned my BA (Hons) First Class.  Only thirty or so years later than planned.

Since 2007, when I began taking writing seriously, I have provided editorial feedback on dozens of short stories and almost thirty novels.

My last Open University assignment eventually became my first novel, A Savage Art, published by Fahrenheit Press in 2016

My second novel, The Witch House, was published by Red Dog Press in 2020.

Currently I have a memoir out on submission to agents, and I am working on my third novel.

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